Web Development

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My journey began in 2001 when I decided to return to school and expand my education. My future was unknown, a career path was unknown, but what was known, was that I loved working with computers. Everything about them. building, fixing, trouble-shooting, exploring through the software, so this is where I would begin.

while sitting in first class of college, a C++ class, I quickly realized I had an aptitude for coding and enjoyed it. However, it was the next class that I took that changed everything,  HTML. Having a creative background with design and such, this sparked a fire deep within that would burn for year and years to come. It combined digital design and coding and I just couldn’t get enough, and I found that I was submerging myself in this fairly new industry.

Web development at the time, proved difficult to find resources for learning all the necessities for building a website. It was mostly comprised of trial and error, while laying out the design in PhotoShop, slicing it up and then reassembling it within a HTML environment. I completely hand coding each site I worked on. In 2004 I had enough clients, that I left my full time job in pursuit of my own agency and the many surprises that followed.

Still today, nearly 20 years later, I feel just as passionate about web development. I love to take on new projects and challenges as they arise. The thrill is in the chase and victory that come from implementing ideas that are innovative and dynamic in design. 

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